A Place Called Home

Is a nonprofit youth center in South Los Angeles that provides programs and services to young adults. Lili Bridals supports the Cinderella Project, and donates eveningwear and prom dresses to be given out to deserving young women from South Los Angeles for their proms.

Operation Blankets of Love


The Humane Society of the United States

Lili Bridals is a no-fur establishment. We are committed to ensuring that we are promoting and selling products that do not harm animals.

Karma Rescue
Los Angeles, CA

We also recommend adopting animals from your local shelter or rescue organization rather than purchasing your dog from a breeder or pet store. Just ask us, our owner’s dog, Lucy, was rescued from the shelter on her last day. You may run into this corgi-golden retriever mix when you are visiting the store. Of the local rescue organizations, Karma Rescue is our favorite group.