Shopping Tips & FAQs

Shopping tips to make your bridal shopping experience the best it can be

We are proud to announce that an article we wrote on Bridal Gown shopping was published in the Huffington Post! We invite you to read the article, this is good advice!

In Summary, please do not bring more that 3 guests with you to your appointment…as our space is limited.

**We work by appointment for Brides. We will do our best to accommodate walk-ins, but appointments always have the first priority. If you do walk in, sometimes we have a cancellation and we can take you right away, or we may ask you to come back in an hour or so…so please keep this in mind, thank you for your understanding.**

NOTE: Weekdays are much less busy, therefore we may be able to accommodate walk-ins more easily. Plus you will have a more relaxed experience.

A bridal salon is not an appropriate place for young children. There are loose pins, mirrors, and other hazards. We thank you for your cooperation.

Shopping Tips

Order your gown an average of 9-12 months before your wedding.

In general it can take 5-6 months to order a gown. BUT many gowns can be ordered in as little as 6 weeks or less! It all depends on the designer, color and size you need. In addition, many of our dresses can be purchased off the rack.

Where and when is your wedding going to take place?

Do have a wedding date and a venue before you start shopping. Your particular venue many times can dictate the kind of gown you select.

Keep an open mind…

Even though you think you may want a certain style, many times you end up with something completely opposite! Lili’s consultants will listen to your ideas, and then may take you in a completely different direction! Many times it may be THE dress… so be open for suggestions from the experts!!!

What is the look you envision?

Bring photos, tearsheets, and downloaded images of the kinds of gowns you think you may like.

Too many cooks…

In general, limit your shopping companions to one or two people–the ones whose opinions you trust most.

Does it make you tingle?

Listen to your intuition and body language – If you try on that dress that makes you tingle inside, or even just feel a little different than all the rest…then that is the dress! Not everyone feels struck by a bolt of lightning to know that’s the one, it is different for every woman.

Order it!

If you’ve found ‘the one” then no need to go looking everywhere – many times brides find “the One” and go looking at 100 more gowns only to come back to it again after much frustration and confusion.

Most of all, have fun!!!

Lili Bridals strives to make your bridal gown shopping experiencean easy, stress-free and fun experience…and we look forward to helping YOU find“THE ONE”!!!


What sizes do you carry?:

Bridal Gowns run SMALL. If you normally wear a size 6-8 in your everyday clothes, you may be a 10-12 in bridal gowns.

Most sample sizes are 10-12, but we do have If the sample sizes don’t fit perfectly, we have ways to expertly show how gowns will fit in your size.

What should I bring to my appointment?

We strive to give you personal service, so when you do come for your appointment, please remember to wear undergarments you are comfortable in, as our salespeople do go in the dressing room to assist you into and out of our wedding gowns. And remember…Spanx are our friend! If you have a shoe, or heel that you feel good in, please bring that with you. But we do have try-on bras as well as shoes here 🙂

Why order from a full-service boutique?

Full service stores have a legitimate owner who will stand by the goods that are purchased. At Lili Bridals we have a full time staff member whose sole job it is to follow up on your orders and have constant communication with the vendors. We stand by our product and will address any issues personally. Our expert in-house alteration department can customize dresses, change fabrics, and necklines to suit your unique vision.

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